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Heaven’s Devils


Ting, Gnome Rogue
Magnus, Human Paladin (Order of Light)
Briandh, Half-Elf Ranger
– Sawa, Dire Wolf Companion
Aurelius, Half-Giant Psionic Warrior
Vehlik, Half-Giant Barbarian

Akane, Human Samurai
Rad Longhammer, Human Monk (Order of Light)

Einjavi Date: 3rd day of Whitefall, 8903 EC

Art and Photography Credits

Credits (including links if available) for art and photography used in this site are in here.

Gaming Resources!

Paizo Publishing is the creator of Pathfinder and has enough RPG goodness available to keep us busy until we die of old age or caffeine overdose.
Pathfinder OGC is a FREE Pathfinder resource website that has TONS of free game system material.
Hero Lab is a Character Creator/Tracker by Lone Wolf Development. Cost: ~$30 (UPDATE: Hero Lab should be available on iPad these days)
Reaper Miniatures is where I buy 99% of my miniatures for all of my roleplaying needs. I’m happy to teach you guys how to paint, otherwise a naked mini is perfectly acceptable. I’d be willing to considering commission painting on a case-to-case basis.

Pathfinder: The Red Crusade

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