Pathfinder: The Red Crusade

Episode 1 Deleted Scenes

Here are a few “cut scenes” from the last session…

Transit from Blackwater Bay back to Brewhaven after escaping the witches:
“As you trudge your way through the blizzard you glance at your companions and wonder if they’ll survive another of these gods forsaken treks into Blackwood. The frozen wind cuts like a freshly dull rusty blade across exposed skin. The freshly fallen snow is thigh deep and the frozen ground beneath as hard as granite. Just another day on Einjavi…”

Once they reach Brewhaven they present their guild IDs to the guards and the gates open:
“The warmth and laughter is like a blanket being wrapped around your frozen bodies. As you take a step inside you hear the guards call out a challenge. You turn to see a High Elf bowing respectfully to the guards as he lay his swords on the ground…”

The correct dialog between the bad guys in the Ruined Temple:

Hellborn: “The Master grows impatient with you and your flock. Fifty-thousand is far more than is required to complete your task, minion.”

Spite Demon: “I have mustered a force to be reckoned with, whelp, and I will carry out my orders as I see fit. I understand the Master’s designs better than he does, slothing on his throne.”

Hellborn: “You will wake one day to find yourself to be a throw rug under his hooves.”

Spite Demon: “That may be, but it won’t be today.”

??: “If you two are quite finished,” she holds out an obsidian urn to the Hellborn, “here is the final component. My Lady requires that it be put into play immediately.”

Hellborn: “Right away, Madam Reaper. Please extend my Master’s highest courtesies to yours and assure her that all the tumblers are falling into place to open Einjavi’s door to her.”

Spite Demon: The Demon’s head jerks towards where the party is hiding. “I smell mortal souls, and something I have not smelled since… Both of you, leave now.”

Reaper: The Reaper dematerialized in a violent plume of ichor green fire.

Hellborn: The Hellborn opens a portal into what appears to be an Infernal Plane and steps through, closing it behind her.



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