Pathfinder: The Red Crusade

Episode 1 Wrap-Up

The Schir spit and howled as its reflexes failed to keep up with so many simultaneous attacks. Little by little the party chipped away at its dense necroflesh body until it finally gave Briandh his opening. He rapid fired two arrows into each of the demon’s eyes and it fell to the ground in a fit of growling goat-like screams. Its broken body finally went still and a moment later burst into a torrent of Hellfire and vanished.

It was a bittersweet victory, however. Fyn had suffered a brutal death at the hands of the demon. His last words to the party just before the beast parted him in two were, “Take the box from the altar and the beast’s weapon out of here and get them back to Felsteel!”
Aurelius carried Fyn’s body while Vehlik took charge of the chest and the halberd. They were not confronted as they left the construct. Not a single sight or sound of the massive army that supposedly resided in there. When the Schir’s Halberd passed through the portal there was a clap of thunder within, followed by a violent torrent in the ruins as the portal collapsed.

The journey back to Brewhaven was uneventful. Word had gotten back before the party did and the halls were silent as they brought their objectives and Fyn’s body into the Main Hall where Lord Felsteel was waiting. Fyn was wrapped tightly in his cloak, the only definition beyond the silhouette of a man was the bloody stain bisecting the body’s mass. Even shrouded Fyn’s corpse was a grisly sight. Lord Felsteel looked down on the body and grunted before signaling the hooded figure standing in the shadows to his left. The mysterious figure advanced on Fyn and waved everybody back away from the body.

“Clear the Hall,” Lord Felsteel commanded. Felsteel signaled the party to remain and nodded to the Sorcerer when the room was otherwise clear. The Sorcerer placed a hand over the corpse and it caught fire. Seconds later it was engulfed in a blindingly bright white light that raged for but an instant, leaving behind nothing but ash. As the last of the Soulfire faded the Sorcerer backed away and watched intently as the ashes stirred.

From the ash itself rose a fiery orange oval gemstone, the rest of the erupted in a funnel around the gem as it formed the shape of a man. Moments later a fully regenerated, and naked, Fyn Dawnstar hung unconscious and spinning gently in midair. The Sorcerer stepped forward and wrapped a silk blanket around the sleeping Fyn and caught him in his arms as the temporary levitation faded. Four Brewguard, Lord Felsteel’s personal bodyguards, brought in a stretcher and collected Fyn. The Sorcerer examined Fyn for a moment before nodding to the Brewguard to take him away.

Standing to his full height he lowered his hood and addressed the party. “Queen Dawnstar wishes to thank you for bringing her son’s remains back with you. His resurrection would have otherwise been impossible. However, she bids you to take better care of him in the future.”

The Sorcerer gives a slight nod of his head, a sign of respect from Nobleman to commoner, then pulls his hood back over his face and vanishes into the shadows. The party is now alone with Lord Felsteel and he stares at them with his one good eye.

“Well? Bring forth that box, boy. That daemon weapon as well.” He says as he gestures to the table in front of the throne.

Vehlik bows respectfully and steps forward, setting both the weapon and the box on the table in front of his master. Lord Felsteel grunts in acknowledgement as he picks up the Halberd and inspects it. Very gently he touches the weapon’s diseased blade to the lock on the chest and it pops open instantly. Then he swings the Halberd and smashes it against the adamantine floor, shattering it into dust. Tiny arcs of white lightning ripple around the floor of the hall where the bits of the pulverized blade make contact, disenchanting and destroying them.

With the halberd dealt with Felsteel turns his attention back to the object in the chest. Inside is a statue of a large obsidian skeletal hand (human) holding a large crystal ball. The base of the statue are coils of chains carved from the same obsidian as the hand. Within the crystal is an image of Einjavi, as seen from the Heavens, and wherever the fingers touch the crystal ball ice has formed. The magic it exudes is palpable and suffocating. The temperature in the room drops sharply as ice starts to spread out of the box and across the banquet table.

“Don’t let it touch you!” Felsteel yells as he takes several steps back. “Alagos! Get your elf ass in here and contain this infernal contraption!”

Alagos strides out of the shadows with an ivory box lavishly decorated with gold inlay. He lets the box go into the air as if freeing a bird and it gently floats towards the source of the quickly spreading ice. The statue lifts out of the demon’s container and is quickly gobbled up by the elven one.

“My apologies, Lord Felsteel, I did not expect the object’s ambient energies to radiate so intensely. This is much worse than we anticipated.”

“Can you identify it?”

“I cannot. Though, there is someone at Crow’s Nest who may be able to help us. A Priest by the name of Kodo Su.”

“Ah yes, I remember Kodo from my adventuring days. If memory serves he is of King Raimi’s court these days. You shall take that cured thing to Kodo yourself. Brewhaven’s newest guild will accompany you as escort.”

Alagos turns a wary eye towards the party as he raises a questioning eyebrow. Lord Felsteel lets loose a full volume belly laugh as the Sorcerer collects the floating box. He makes for the shadows once again but stops and looks over his shoulder at the party.

“We muster outside the gates at dawn. I’ll arrange for proper mounts. If you are late you get left behind.”

Then Alagos vanishes. Lord Felsteel turns his good eye onto the party and says, “Looks like your group is going to need a name.”


Kill XP = 8,120 per player
• Frostclaw Coven = 4400
• Plague Zombies x9 = 7200
• Young White Dragon = 6400
• Gnolls x10 = 12000
• Fel Gnoll Sergeant = 2400
• Spite Demon (Lesser Schir) = 6400
• Imps x3 =1800
BONUS XP = 300 per player
• Great Teamwork! = 100
• Staying Focused on the Game! =100
• “Hand of God” = 100 to any player who didn’t use it

• Your party is now recognized, and endorsed, by the Dwarven faction of Brewhaven as an organization. You have been given stewardship of your own Guild Hall within the Blackwood Mountain foothills, adjacent to Brewhaven itself.
• Brewhaven Guild Hall Contract:
Coin received from completing missions, quests, and adventures obtained from Brewhaven associates will result in a 10% tax. In exchange cleaning and maintenance services will be provided for the Guild Hall. Should a Guild go one year without income all services will cease until renegotiated. Trade goods are considered acceptable alternatives to coin, when appropriate. Check with the Quartermaster.

Once per year Lord Felsteel may call upon your Guild to go on a Duty Quest. Rewards, if any, for this quest are at the discretion of the Lord. Should you be paid for a Duty Quest you will be taxed as normal.

All other spoils and incomes outside of Brewhaven are property of the Guild and the Guild alone.

In the event Brewhaven, or any other Dwarven stronghold in the Realm, should come under siege you will automatically become enlisted as soldiers of the Mountain Legions and will report to the nearest stronghold for assignment.

Your Guild Hall is comprised of the following:
Main Hall (Blackwood Foothills Entrance-secret, Brewhaven Entrance)
8 Staterooms

You may expand your Guild Hall by contracting the Dwarves to carve deeper into the mountain to add rooms. Should you wish to purchase furnishings you may speak with the Quartermaster, shop around the Catacombs, or haul it in from elsewhere.

Waiting in your quarters are your personal rewards from Lord Felsteel:
o Terry: Celestial Armor (sized for a Gnome, of course)
o Steve: Crystal Helmet of Avertment (see the Averter section of the linked page, has an AC of +1.)
o Dwayne: “Oathbow” & Searing Arrows x50
o Josh: “Beaststrike” Club
o Jason: Holy Blade “Demonsorrow”



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