Pathfinder: The Red Crusade

"The Five-Fingered Hand"

Episode 2

The inauguration feast of the Heaven’s Devils guild ends abruptly when an assassin tries to poison Lord Felsteel during his toast. The would-be assassin is caught by the guild and questioned. He has been hired by a group calling themselves the Order of the Five-Fingered Hand. At the behest of Felsteel’s personal companion, a cleric by the name of Fulgor, HD sets out to find the OFFHand’s abbey and potentially an antidote to the deadly poison.

The party travels south through Blackwood Forest and into the foothills of the South Mountains. There they find an isolated compound deep in the trees. Though it was only occupied by a handful of OFFHand agents they left the victorious party member bloody and broken. Once again, Briandh felled the final boss with an arrow to the eye. Fortunately there was no loss of life within the party.

The antidote to save Lord Felsteel was obtained easily once they took control of the abbey. Cleric Fulgor revived Brother Longhammer and went with him back to Brewhaven. Flying safely above the trees they could get back faster than the others could, mounted or on foot. All was set right in short order upon their return.

Well Done!

Lord Felsteel has rewarded you personally for saving his life:

In addition to the loot below he has authorized the expansion of your Guild Hall. You may add one new access point (entails digging a new tunnel with an exit in a location of your choice) OR an additional room of your specification.

1) Flail, dire 90 gp [Low Quality] : 87gp
2) Longsword 15 gp [Standard Quality] : 15gp
3) Halberd 10 gp [Inferior Quality] : 6gp
4) Case, map or scroll 1 gp [Standard Quality] : 1gp
5) Sword, short 10 gp [Inferior Quality] : 6gp
6) Potion of Flying 3rd/5th: 750gp
7) Potion of Fox’s Cunning 2nd/3rd: 300gp
8) Potion of Protection from Law 1st/1st: 50gp

Gems and Coin:
Amethyst 81gp
Tourmaline 82gp
Smoky quartz 21gp
Chrysoprase 39gp
Blue quartz 4gp
Chrysoprase 35gp
Malachite 6gp
Platinum: 30
Gold: 304
Silver: 3040
Copper: 30500

Loot Recovered During the Event:

1) +1 Flaming Greatsword (Masterwork): 1000g
2) Heavy Crossbow (Masterwork): 50g
3) Battle Axe (Standard): 5g
4) Spiked Half-plate (Masterwork): 300g
5) Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds: 150g
6) Bottle of Rattlesnake Rum: 600g

Gem and Coin:
Platinum: 1
Gold: 23
Silver: 170
Copper: 1700

Combat Experience: 8685xp/ea

Scullery (assassin) – Dwarf Fighter 12 – 12800xp
Offhand Soldiers – Human Monk 12 – 12800xp
Offhand Soldiers – Human Monk 7 – 2400xp
Offhand Soldiers – Human Fighters 1 (x4) – 800xp
Offhand Abbey Gate – Human Monk 7 – 2400xp
Offhand Abbey Gate – Human Fighters 1 (x4) – 800xp
Offhand Abbey Chapel – Human Monks 7 (x4) – 9600xp
Offhand Abbot (Boss) – Human Cleric 13 – 19200xp
TOTAL XP = 60,800 (divided by 7 party members)


As a final gift for saving Felsteel’s life we were not taxed for this adventure.

The coin is divided among the 5 party members that participated. Aurelius slept through the whole thing, Sawa is a companion, and Fulgor is an NPC and thus do not receive shares.

*Rad claims the following: *

  • 6p – 65g – 642s – 6440c
  • Bottle of Rattlesnake Rum
  • Suggests a Shrine of Light as the new room for the Guild Hall. This room would give both Rad and Magnus the ability to cure diseases, perform advanced healing, and even perform Resurrection (1/day/caster).
"The Five-Fingered Hand"

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