Akane Mizuka



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Level: Samurai 5

Actor: Jamie Chung

Race: Female Human

Age: 32 Years

Height/Weight: 5’3” and 132 lbs

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

1) Brewhaven
2) Heaven’s Devils

Family: Akane is the daughter of the infamous Battle Scion, Akira Mizuka, of Mizuka Clan of Realm Rokugan.

Friends: No known close friends on Einjavi.

Enemies: No known personal enemies on Einjavi.

Notes of Interest:
1) Akane is not from the realm of Einjavi. After retiring from service to the Jade Emperor back in her home realm of Rokugan Akane began searching the other Realms, and even the outter planes, for her wayward father. She is determined to locate him and drag him back home so that he may spend the remainder of his life making up for his absence to her mother.
2) Akane wields one of her father’s dragon-forged katanas, Itamikaze, and is rumored to have been forged from the body and soul of the black dragon he slew to create the weapon.
3) Akane has a Frostwing Chocobo mount named Soyokaze.

White chocobo

Akane Mizuka

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