Matia Shadyn, Brewhaven Apothecary

Brewhaven Apothecary


The Brewhaven Apothecary is owned and operated by a human female, Matia Shadyn. Matia is an Alchemist of some repute and has a very good relationship with the dwarven Brewmasters of the house. She owes a healthy portion of her fame for incorporating her concoctions into dwarven spirits.


Race: Human Female

Age: 42 Years

Height/Weight: 5’7" @ 130 lbs

Alignment: Lawful Good

Faction: Brewhaven

Family: None.

Friends: Paying customers.

Enemies: Thieves and Necromancers.

Notes of Interest:
1) Matia is rarely seen out of her corner of the Catacombs beneath Brewhaven. Though she is very friendly and outgoing she doesn’t seem to socialize much outside the shop.

Matia Shadyn, Brewhaven Apothecary

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