Chocobo Breeds

Sunburst chocobo

Sunburst Chocobo

The Sunburst breed is the most common of all chocobos. The Sunburst is an herbivore (eats only plants and bugs).

Frostwing chocobo

Frostwing Chocobo

The Frostwing breed is easily identified by their spotted white and grey feathers and ice blue beaks and talons. Frostwings are omnivores (eats plants and animals) and can hunt for themselves if allowed to, with only a 10% chance they’ll run off. While they’re quite content being fed standard chocobo feed their favorite food is snow leopard. They are particularly suited to Einjavi’s harsh frozen environment.

  • They gain a +4 bonus to any saving throws or ability checks made to resist cold damage and/or weather effects.
  • Frostwing Chocobos always count as having Snow Shoes for purposes of travelling across fields of snow.

Chocobo Breeds

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