GM's Pathfinder Resources (books and stuff)

I case some of you were wondering the hard copy resources I have on hand are listed below. I also have many others in PDF form and will have them on hand via my iPad during future sessions. Should you wish to purchase your own digital or physical copies of any of Paizo’s products you can find them here.

3.5 OGL Hardcover (These are out of print (OOP) but can be found easily on Amazon or eBay.)

  • Draconomicon: Book of Dragons
  • Book of Vile Darkness
  • Book of Erotic Fantasy (don’t ask)

Pathfinder Hardcover

  • Core Rulebook
  • Ultimate Combat
  • Ultimate Equipment
  • NPC Codex

Pathfinder Paperback

  • Chronicles: Princes of Darkness (vol 1)
  • Midgard Bestary


  • GM Screen
  • Dry Erase Combat board
  • Reusable (and double-sided) Maps (Colosseum, Forest, Caves)

Gamemastery Cards

  • Plot Twist Deck – Game Rules
  • Critical Hit Deck – Game Rules
  • Rise of the Runelords – Face Cards
  • Jade Regent – Item Cards
  • Elements of Power – Item Cards
  • Weapons Locker – Item Cards

GM's Pathfinder Resources (books and stuff)

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