Justin's House Rules


CORE RULEBOOK plus the following:

  • All Archetypes
  • All Traits
  • Hero Points



  • Inner Sea World Guide

Unlocked content are resources and materials with region/story specific flavoring. While the people and places may not apply specifically to Einjavi it’s all convertable and fair game. If you see something in these books that you want me to add to the world or gear you want for yourself just ask.


1) HAVE FUN. We get together to have a good time sharing a story, drinks, and an occassional meal. The moment a session stops being fun we call it a night. If you develope an issue with another player I ask that we try to resolve it before it festers into somether counter-productive. Thanks! {^_-}

2) BYOB.

3) The GM is only human. Well at the end of the session anyway, lol. I stive to keep our adventure interested and fair. If I make a mistake please feel free to pull me aside and bring it to my attention so that it might be corrected if doing so doesn’t screw with the flow of the game. Ultimately I will rule on what is best for the story and the group as a whole.


1) All new characters start at whatever the party average is (excluding companions, minions, familiars, etc).

2) Your first character starts with normal “starting wealth” and multiply it by five. Alts start with normal starting wealth. You may leave behind cash for them if you want/need to employ them later.

3) When choosing your gear remember that Einjavi is in an eternal winter and you will be making environmental checks and saves. Be prepared to have to use your brain to survive the elements. What fun would it be otherwise?

Justin's House Rules

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