Total population: 2030

Humans: 1624
Elves: 41
Half-Elves: 122
Dwarves: 162
Halflings: 61
Other: 20


Inns: 1
Taverns: 5
Blacksmiths: 3
Healers: 1
Weaponsmiths: 1
Armorers: 1
Bowyers: 1
Merchants: 1
Leatherworkers: 3
Tailors: 6
Jewelers: 1
Cobblers 6
Fishmongers: 2
Farriers: 4
Carpenters: 4
Masons: 3

Town Description:

Kendertol is a fishing town that sprung up in a long forgotten elven ruin. They fish the frozen waters between the Shattered Isles. The local tavern has quite the reputation for its amazing shellfish gumbo.

Even in these cold dark times tourism survives. With the High Elves gone the ruins left on the Isles is fair game to treasure hunters and archeologists. Kendertol is rife with scoundrels and rangers looking to make some coin as guides and body guards.

The only fastest way to get around these days is by boat or airship. Kendertol provides the former. It is a simple matter for a traveler to book passage one of the many ships that port in the Isles.


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