Order of the Five-Fingered Hand

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The Order of the Five-Fingered Hand is a virulently xenophobic offshoot of the human Inquisition. They believe the Iron Fist has grown soft, as evidenced by tolerating the existence of non-human factions.

The Inquisition does not publically acknowledge the existence of OFFHand since they present a direct challenge to the Iron Hand’s leadership. Inquisitoral officals dictate that OFFHand is a rumor created by Highwaymen to stir things up and these rumors should be ignored and forgotten.

OFFHand promote an aggressive campaign to eliminate all non-human strongholds in their territory ( the Black Coast) using any and all means at their disposal to do so. A recent influx of new members and resources has made this agenda possible and OFFHand has finally moblized.

Known Hideouts:

Abbey of the Pure Blooded in the foothills of the South Mountains.

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Order of the Five-Fingered Hand

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