The Mortal Realm of Einjavi

A basic summery of Einjavi’s (planetary) physical attributes.

Einjavi’s clock and calander.

Geography of the Realm

The Artisan Races
Realm specific information on the various intellegent races on Einjavi.

Factions, Kingdoms, and Other Groups
Known info on the major players in the Einjavian geopolitical theatre can be found here.

Ancient History – 0 BC through 5000 EC
Fables, tales, myths and legends of the birth of our Realm.

Recent History 7000 EC through Present
The history of the Realm is once again being recorded by the Artisan Races. Here you will find information and background pertinent to current events (our adventures).

Surviving the Eternal Winter
In here you’ll find out everything you never wanted to know about the effects of winter and how to survive it, including what gear you need.

The Mortal Realm of Einjavi

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