Art and Photography Credits

Like most GM’s here I search the web and my own collection of art and photography to help breath a little life into the site. Most is found via Google. All others were obtained from DeviantART with permission or by paid commission. Should any visitors see their work and find that it’s not been credited or used correctly please contact me via Facebook or DeviantART and we’ll get the matter sorted out immediately.

This site is purely for fun and is completely non-profit. All rights reserved to copyright & trademark owners of all credited and uncredited works.

All maps currently uploaded are my own. All original art, text, and other forms of IP relating to Einjavi are reserved. Should you wish to use my IP please contact me via one of the links above and I’d be happy to work something out with you.

Campaign Banner – Final War by VudzO
Heaven’s Devils Logo – Commissioned by Blazbaros
Rattlesnake Logo – Google
Snow Goggles – Wikimedia Commons Page
Snow Shoes – Algonquin Language Project
Fur Cloak –
Insulated Tent –
Uawa Otsuo – Jamie Chung (screenshot from Man With The Iron Fists)
“The Crown” Logo – Free from
Oriental Dragon – Talisman Coins website
Archangel Saint Michael Statue With Slain Dragon Satan Head Figurine found on eBay
Iron Fist Logo – Googled then edited (unable to locate source)
Righteous Blade Logo – Googled (unable to locate source)
Hand Logo – Mountain Therapeutics Massage Therapy page
Barbarian Tribes Logo – Gavin the Barbarian blog
Order of Light Logo – Ray of Light by Madonna
Deer Logo – by Hossein Yektapour
Tree Logo – free at
Blue Ship Logo – free at
Spiderweb Logo – made available for download by lecyberpunk
Treasure – Treasure by synconi
Caravan – Kubo Caravan by Aaron Florento
Eternal Winter – Eternal Winter by Daniel Watcher
Blizzard – found on
Famine – Four Horsemen: Famine by TaekwondoNJ
Pestilence – Four Horesmen Plague by Joakim Ericsson
Akane Mizkuka (avatar) – Jamie Chung (screenshot from Once Upon A Time)
Akane Mizuka (portrait) – Commissioned by Scatman27
Frostwing Chocobo – White Chocobo (screenshot?) from Allakhazam’s FFXI forums
Aurelius Artorious – Russel Crowe (screenshot from The Gladiator)
Briandh – unknown source
Rad Longhammer – Woody Harrelson (screenshot from Surfer Dude)
Rej – unknown source
Sawa – Feature Customizing Pets page
Lord Felsteel – Dwarven Warlord from Reaper Miniatures
Alagos the Sorcerer – miniature painted by my bud Shogun
Chocobo Mount – Final Fantasy WIKI page
Sunburst Chocobo – chocobo via
Obsidian Chocobo – unknown source (edited to include a background)
Cursed Crystal Ball – by LukiaLacuna
Kryowear Boutique avatar – Arctic Clothing book cover photo

Assorted Paizo images from various sources (that I’ve paid for) thus far include several of the currently available card sets. They can be purchased here.

Art and Photography Credits

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